Ellie Shoes Women’s Go-Go Boot

3 out of 5

3 thoughts on “Ellie Shoes Women’s Go-Go Boot

3 out of 5
  1. Beautiful bright red just like I hoped for my Supergirl and Captain Marvel. As a person who is right in between ordering wide calf boots and regular ones depending on the design with a 14.5 inch calf at the widest, these were pretty tight and to be honest I really didn’t think they would zip the first time. I powered through it and they zipped much easier the second time although they are still pretty tight. If your calves are wider than 14.5 inches these are very unlikely to fit and at exactly that width they fit like a second skin. Very roomy in the foot. Just not too comfortable after a while. I managed to stand in them all day for a con but at that point they really hurt so mostly I’ve used them for photoshoots and smaller cons with lots of sitting space. Some inserts may be needed.

  2. Order your size,, DO NOT go a size bigger. I am a size 9 and I ended up going a size 10 because of the reviews, I got them for my Blackcat cosplay and the boots when perfect with my costume. However they were huge on me and super uncomfortable after a few hours walking the whole convention center. If you’re planning getting these for a cosplay, save yourself. Get something else, cause youre going to die after a few hours of wearing these.

  3. The boots are beautiful and fantastic quality! Also, the actual foot sizing is perfect but the calf sizing is far too small. Horribly dissapoining. There is no possible way to make these fit an average size (15″ at widest point) calf. I had to order a larger size to accommodate. One size up was sufficient, but BARELY! So please pay attention to the size chart 🙁 They have NO give. This is from a girl has worn cowboy boots her whole life and never had to compromise size to accommodate calf width before…

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