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Arkscan ES311 Wireless USB Memory Long Range Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet, PC/Windows, Mac & Others

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USD $239.00
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  1. Superior Performance & Ease of Mobility: Arkscan ES311 mobile barcode scanner, empowered by the revolutionary Bi-color technology, is capable of reading colored, poorly printed or damaged barcode besides its outstanding reading range from near to far. Its scan rate is at a fascinating speed of 200 scans per second, ensuring workers who are constantly on the move can capture any barcode easily.
  2. Ergonomic, Lightweight & User-friendly: Designed to have the industrial-class ruggedized protection, ES311 portable barcode scanner never compromises on comfort. ES311 wireless Barcode Scanner is built with the user in mind, with features that make it easy for workers to hold and use all day long.
  3. User Friendly: In both quiet and noisy environment, successful scanning can be informed to users with the help of vibrating indicator. It integrates with a vibrating device that is programmable by either scanning configuration barcodes or a software utility. A must-have barcode scanner for iPad and iPhone user, the barcode reader comes with the second iOS button to enable on-screen keyboard typing and barcode scanning at the same time without disconnecting the pairing.
  4. Long Battery Life: The barcode scanner is backed by a 1000mAh battery and can deliver more than 10,000 scans per full battery charge. ES311 pocket barcode scanner offers ample battery power for the longest shift and ensures data collection can be completed.
  5. Great compatibility: Supports mobile devices with Bluetooth or USB without any software installation; ES311 supports iOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Tablet, PC, Linux, MacBook & others. It reads barcode and send barcode data to host device immediately via wireless HID (works like wireless keyboard), wireless SPP, USB HID or USB VCP; barcode datas can be read and stored in reader's memory & download the data via USB cable later. (All copyrights of brands belong to their respective holders).

Product Description

Arkscan ES311 wireless mini barcode reader is designed to meet the scanning needs in retail, field sales and field service. Sustained by rechargeable Li-ion battery, ES311 long battery life wireless barcode reader can operate all day long to work across shifts and increase productivity. When ES311 smartphone barcode reader operates in memory mode, it can hold up to 20,000 scans; when operating in wireless mode, ES311 cordless barcode reader enables instantaneous data transmission to smartphones and tablet, keeping system updated. ES311 mini pocket scanner with a powerful optical engine to read barcode off a mobile device screen, when customer shows promotion coupons barcode, event tickets barcode and many other barcodes on iPhone, Android, tablet or smartphones. It provides the flexibility of moving around your store, or work area without having to worry about being close enough when you need to scan a barcode. Backed by a 1000mAh battery, ES311 Wireless Barcode Scanner can deliver more than 10,000 scans per full battery charge. It offers ample battery power for the longest shift and ensures data collection can be completed, maximizing enterprise productivity with less downtime. The compatibility with Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows smartphones and tablets in both wireless and USB tethered operations is the reason that leads to ES311 barcode scanner is rapid and wide acceptance. With extra precise optical engine, the ES311 is also an excellent barcode scanner for wide range barcode of inventory and warehouse labels, it is industrial protection with 1.5M drop resistance. ES311 wireless barcode reader is built to handle the toughest warehouse environments. User gets reliable operation, even if the devices are dropped on concrete or used in driving rain, snow, summer heat, and extreme winter cold, an industrial freezer or dusty warehouse.

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