Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 Wi-Fi 32GB Silver (SM-T500NZSAXAR)

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Galaxy Tab A7 combines the slim, lightweight design you need, with the immersive entertainment experience you crave. The ultra-widescreen display draws you in, to movies and shows while Dolby Atmos surround sound speakers place you in the center of the action. Video calls via the…

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5 out of 5
  1. Just received this tablet and after using it for a few days, there are a few key improvements over last year’s Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ (2019) that make this worth the upgrade to me… summary here, full details below:+ The extra 1gb of RAM compared to the 32gb version makes a huge difference+ the 4 speaker array (instead of just at the bottom) is so much better for watching movies+ new placement of the front-facing video camera helps a ton for video conferences+ face authentication!! there was no biometric authentication last year+ The rounded screen is actually a nice design touch in my opinion.- if tablet used in portrait, the ambient light sensor is placed where it will frequently get covered (and darken the screen if using ambient light sensor)- really “cold” white and light bleed from edges of screen- does suffer some lag when multiple apps open, but much better than last year’s galaxy Tab A- portrait/landscape rotation sensing is too sensitiveTHE PROSI used the Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ over the past year since it was released. I thought the 2019 Tab A was a great tablet when I got it but after using it a year, I’d give it only 3 stars. These tablets aren’t powerful enough except for browsing, watching movies or other media consumption, and a basic games. Last year, I chose the 32gb Galaxy Tab A which only had 2gb of RAM, and that turned out to be more frustrating than anticipated thus I wanted an upgrade. I had to frequently “close all apps” or suffer very noticeable lags or apps that wouldn’t even open (apps linking into Amazon’s Shopping for Tablet app as an example). This is definitely improved with the 3GB RAM this tablet has, although I will still “close all apps” about once per day.1 frustration I have with the 6th gen 9.7″ iPad (2018) and the Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ (2019) are the placement of only 1 set of “stereo” speakers on the bottom of the device. In landscape, this always bothered me and was 1 thing I appreciated with Amazon’s Fire HD tablets. The addition of speakers to the top of this tablet was almost enough alone to sell me on this tablet and if that matters to you, it makes a huge difference!Since this is a tablet and with this new era of Zoom meetings, I found I actually care about front-facing cameras and I’ve noticed that the original positioning last year on the top of the tablet in portrait made it off-centered. It’s not been moved to the side (or top in landscape) and this takes advantage of the screen for Zoom so much better. It also makes all the bezels symmetrical, which is kind of nice.There is face authentication with this tablet! I’m sure it’s not nearly as robust as my iPhones (And does not work in low light), but the addition of this is fantastic! Last year I was using Trusted Lock based on GPS location at my home combined with a PIN number, which was not a huge problem, but I love this addition.Finally, the screen is rounded at the corners which I think gives it a nice little touch. It’s not an OLED screen, but at this price I don’t have any complaints. It’s about the same as last years.THE CONSThe ambient light sensor is next to the camera on the side, which if you use your tablets in portrait, is often where your hand is. This darkens the screen dramatically and so I have to turn this off since unless I’m watching a video, I’m always using this in portrait.The default white balance is really cold, so I use the blue light filter a lot… Also, there is some light bleed on the edges of the screen. It doesn’t bother me at this price point but was these are the main reasons I’d give this 4 instead of 5 stars.This one is like 5 mm wider than last year’s version.–not a big deal to me. Otherwise, the only other real con is it’s not super powerful.There is still some lag with this tablet, although again improved from last year. Overall, I think it’s fair in the price point but this is not a performance tablet.COMPARISON TO FIRE HD10 AND BASIC IPADI prefer this to the Fire HD10 though because it has Google Play Store on its own. I really like stock Android (and held onto the Nexus 7 2013 way too long because of that), but Samsung’s One UI is pretty decent and not obtrusive enough that I miss stock Android much. The only customizations I did was replace keyboard with Google’s and uninstalled several default Samsung apps; I didn’t install Google Launcher or Nova. When I had a Fire HD10, which was not the most recent version, I also had trouble getting all of Google’s basic apps to work.. not sure if that’ s till an issue. I prefer the UI on these to Amazon Fire’s, and overall it’s worth the extra $50-$80 to me compared to the Fire HD10.Compared to our iPad that mostly my wife uses, I do like the narrower form factor of this one. It’s just a bit more comfortable to hold. Last year I almost bought the 7th gen iPad, but since the processor was same as our 6th gen, I went with this one thinking this year I might upgrade. This year’s iPad does have a new processor and I was planning to get that until I saw this came out, but for the price (in between the 8th gen iPad and the Fire HD10), 4 speaker array, and biometric authentication, this tablet meets my needs and included key features I missed–so, thanks Samsung!EDIT: followup 4 months later- docked a star from 4 stars to 3 stars as it does suffer some performance lag with multiple apps open. I “close all apps” about once per day (although compared to last year’s tablet, I was doing it every 15 minutes”- I’ve found the portrait/landscape sensing to be super sensitive, to the point it sometimes gets annoying

  2. The product is advertised as having Samsung the Exynos 9611 chipset, but it actually has a slower Qualcomm chipset. Prior to my purchase, Amazon said in a call that it had a Samsung chipset. Buyer beware, and I have called to Amazon asking them to correct the product information on the page.Of course, many may not care about the chipset running the device. I’m now testing the tablet to see if it meets my need. It’s not as good as the Samsung S5e and has no S-Pen like Samsung S6 Lite, and has a sharp screen, and it seems like a good tablet for content consumption. But the chipset matters to me, so I’ll be returning it.

  3. 1 star is reserved for future update.Tab A7 review:I primarily use this tablet for reading and media consumption so thats what my experience will be from.Overall this is a great tablet in regards to its performance for reading and watching YouTube and movies. The screen size and display is great for watching videos, there is nothing fancy about it like the latest tab S series tablets but its gets the job done. In regards to reading the 1080p display and size of the screen is a joy to read off of. Coming from a 720p fire tablet 8, the letters look crisp and the screen real-estate is a major upgrade.The tablet is relatively light however it might be difficult to hold with one hand due to its size. The quad speakers on this tablet are loud and crisp so thats something I’m happy about since I feel more immersed in whatever I’m watching.The 3 gb of ram will get the job done if you don’t have too many apps open (8 or more in my experience), even if you have a lot of apps running in the background the only noticeable difference would be a minor slow down when changing apps or opening a new app.The only real con which isn’t a big deal is the storage on the tablet itself (32/64 gigs). If you’re like me and have a ton of audio books, epubs, pdfs, and videos downloaded, I highly suggest spending a few extra bucks on a large capacity micro SD card. If you just stream videos, you should be fine on the amount of local memory.Overall I’d highly recommend this tablet, ESPECIALLY at the price of $180. If you are looking for something to simply watch YouTube or Netflix and maybe play some candy crush this is the tablet for you. If you are looking for an awesome budget upgrade from a fire tablet 7 or 8, I can’t highly recommend this enough, this tablet is silky smooth and snappier compared to the fire 7/8. If you are a student that is looking for something more productive (note taking, excel, PowerPoint, writing on pdfs) i would not recommend this due to its lack of RAM and integrated stylus support, you’re better off with the tab s6 lite/tab 6/ tab s5e‐——‐———–‐—————Compartive review:I had recently bought a Samsung tab A 10.1 3 gb variant (2019) and I’ve had it for about 3 weeks. I just recently found about this tablet and was curious about the differences so I went ahead and bought it due to its low price ($180) compared to the $200 i payed for the tab A.Biggest difference i noticed immediately was the speakers. WAY clearer sound and louder, due to the quad speaker set up. It leaves the muffled dual speakers in the tab A in the dust. I’d say the A7 has great sound quality for the price point.Compared to the Tab A, the A7 has a similar screen and a bit higher resolution, but the difference isn’t significant. One thing I noticed was that the tab A had a bit of a red tint compared to the A7, I couldn’t really tell unless I had the screens right next to each other.The A7 battery capacity is also a big bigger compared to the tab A, its slightly noticeable.

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