SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0-inch Android Tablet 64GB Wi-Fi Lightweight Large Screen Feel Camera Long-Lasting Battery, Black

5 out of 5



Large screen feel. Lightweight form. Sleek and powerful, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0-inch lets you browse, watch your favorite shows and movies, play games, and get things done on an Android tablet that’s light as air and comfortable in your hand. Even after gaming all day, there’s still…

3 thoughts on “SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0-inch Android Tablet 64GB Wi-Fi Lightweight Large Screen Feel Camera Long-Lasting Battery, Black

5 out of 5
  1. You cannot use a memory card AT ALL in this model since the operating system was changed. I was on the phone with Samsung this morning. and they admit it, yet all their materials AND Amazon’s description continues to promote the use of “up to 512mg” of external memory. Absolutely nothing can be transferred to an external card. Only internal memory is usable. Why sell a product with a memory slot when it won’t work? When asked, they said they were not going to change the operating system back to where it was so that the external memory can be used again. And the internal memory is so glutted with garbage programs which CANNOT be removed that very little remains for what you DO want to put on it. It is absolutely unbelievable to me that a company with a name as big as Samsung’s can get away with this and that Amazon continues to carry their product that is presented so dishonestly. Don’t believe the glossy claims. Run, don’t walk, away.

  2. This did not meet my expectations. I’m coming from a 3 year old Lenovo Tab 4 8.0 and this is no better than that minus the newer Android. They brought back the ambient light sensor for auto brightness but it always defaults to the minimum brightness for some reason when turned on. Comes with Android 9.0 out of the box. It has micro USB in a time where everything is USB C. It plays all my games fine and it plays Netflix and Plex. It also has 32gb internal storage plus micro sd slot. Screen is nice, speakers are also good, gets very loud and have more bass than I thought they would. Has a headphone jack. This is the budget tablet to get I would say, blows away the Kindle fires because it has Play Store. Needs faster processor, faster storage, and more memory because it is very slow. Unfortunately there is a huge gap in tablets, you either get a slow budget tablet or you end up having to pay upwards of $400 or more for a fast tablet. I wish there wasn’t such a huge gap. Hopefully Samsung will take note.

  3. Picked up two on the Treasure Truck for our kiddos to replace old 7″ Samsung tablets. I honestly wasn’t expecting much as a Tab A, but I really like these! They come automatically with 32g of storage, which is great when downloading a bunch of games and apps that hog storage. Add an SD card and you’re golden for a while. In particular was a messaging app that allows us to video chat as a family of 4 – the tablets do not have a lag even with 4 on video at the same time and show a clear picture using the front facing camera. And the battery lasts for what seems like forever – the first day with a full charge, it was used for over 4 hours (per the parental app we also downloaded) with videos and games, and still had over half of the charge. And as far as the size, you wouldn’t think going from a 7″ screen to an 8″ screen would really make a difference, but it really does. The colors are vivid and bright. I can’t speak for the tech stuff, but as a daily tablet to run games and videos and surf the internet and video chat, this really is great. I’m going to return and purchase another for myself to replace an old Nook.

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