Roku Streaming Stick+ | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Device with Long-range Wireless and Roku Voice Remote with TV Controls

5 out of 5



Powerful & portable. 4K & HDR streaming with long range wireless.   Powerful and portable, Roku Streaming Stick+ is super charged with a long range wireless receiver for 4x the range and brilliant HD, 4K, and HDR picture quality. You’ll enjoy a stronger signal for smooth streaming even in rooms…

3 thoughts on “Roku Streaming Stick+ | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Device with Long-range Wireless and Roku Voice Remote with TV Controls

5 out of 5
  1. BUYER BEWARE – I’ve purchased Roku players in August 2012, May 2015, and this new Stream Stick+ in 2018. When I had a problem “activating” my new Streaming Stick+, I was given a number to “Contact Support Toll Free to Activate Instantly”. I called the number and was told that since I had already registered 2 other Roku devices, in order to Activate this 3rd device, I would need to pay $70.00 to have a PREMIUM account. I told them that I didn’t need nor want a PREMIUM account. I asked the customer service rep, to deactivate the first Roku I purchased in 2012 and then I would only have 2 registered devices on my account. I was told that – (1) Even if I deactivated a previous Roku player or (2 )if I opened a new account, I would still have to pay the $70.00 in order to register my Streaming Stick+ .So that is how Roku rewards it’s returning long-time customer, by charging them a fee of $70.00 to activate more than 2 of their Roku devices! So, in addition to paying for the device itself, you now have to pay an extra $70.00 to use it!!!I am hoping this review will alert other potential buyers to Roku’s new policy of rewarding their repeat customers.Patti

  2. We bought this Roku Streaming Stick+ thinking that all we had to do was plug it in and follow instructions. WELL NO! We have a Samsung Smart tv with numerous HDMI slots. We tried ALL of them and the update on the Stick would not load! We kept getting a 005 Network Error. I chatted online with “Ray”. He stated that I would have to pay Technical support $69 to update the Stick+ . He explained that there have been too many errors updating their products so the company decided that the customer cannot update their new devices on their own and will now have to pay someone to do it for you! NOWHERE in the reviews I read did anyone state that I would be paying an additional $69 to use this device! So here I have a brand new device which costs $65 and now Roku wants to hold that item hostage and render it useless unless I fork over $69 for an update AND oh yes…that $69 would give me 6 months of free tech support! Yay!? Not gonna happen. I will NEVER purchase an item from this company again. They are way out of their league charging for technical support for an update to a brand new device.

  3. EDIT:I pre ordered the Atari VCS because i am tired of the limitations of Roku and the other popular video streaming devices as they all either have no web browser or a poorly functioning web browser.The Atari VCS will be a Linux based fully functional computer with fully functional web browsers/Video Streamer/Gaming Console that can do it all on your TV.That is EXACTLY what I always wanted.I’ve been a Roku user for years,including several different models..Here are some points to consider when deciding on which model of Roku to buy:1)If you need to connect by WiFi in a room far away from your WiFi router,I would recommend the Roku Streaming Stick PLUS or Roku Ultra.2)If you have a 4K TV,I would recommend the Roku Ultra or Roku Streaming Stick PLUS.The Premiere 2018 model also plays 4K.3)To search for content using your voice,go with either the Streaming Stick,Streaming Stick PLUS or Ultra.All 3 of these models also have a remote that can control the power and volume on a TV.There is also a Roku app for Android & iPhone/iPad that lets you use your smartphone/tablet to control any Roku device and use your phone/tablet on-screen keyboard for searches.4)If you want a wired ethernet connection,go with the Roku Ultra.5)If you want to connect to an old TV with RCA/Composite audio/video jacks,you will need the Express PLUS6)The Express & Premiere 2018 models have a remote where it has to be pointed at the device,unlike the other Roku models.My gripe about Roku (and other streaming devices) is the lack of a fully functional web browser .I have been surfing the web on the big screen for years and find it ridiculous when an internet connected TV device does not allow you to surf the internet and forces one to switch to yet another internet connected device to do so.I am aware of the screen mirroring function from smartphone/PC/tablet but find that a poor excuse to not include a web browser.Many people who type a lot of messages and/or emails like myself prefer typing on a wireless keyboard rather than a phone/tablet/remote control.

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